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Payment for Transfer Services:

When managing payments for transfer services via Parcy, you have two options: adding a new transfer or selecting from existing options. Here's how to proceed:

1. Adding a New Transfer:
- If you're adding a new transfer, fill in the required information:
- Pick up: Specify the location of departure.
- Drop off: Specify the destination.
- Pickup Date: Enter the date of the transfer.
- Pickup Time: Enter the departure time of the transfer.
- Transfer Type: Choose the type of transfer:
- From/to journey
- From Airport/Station
- To Airport/Station
- If "From/to Airport/Station" is selected, providing additional details can optimize the transfer service, though they are not mandatory.

2. Selecting from Existing Options:
- Alternatively, choose from the dropdown menu among the transfer options previously entered in the "Travel & Hospitality" section. Once selected, the system will summarize the details of the transfer.

Cost Calculation and Modification:
- The system automatically calculates the costs of the chosen transfer based on the price list entered in the transfer section.
- You can confirm the calculated cost or override it at the payment link level. Any modifications made here won't affect the base cost indicated on the transfer section.

Description Confirmation or Modification:
- In the Description section, you'll see the description entered during the creation of the transfer. Confirm or overwrite it as needed. Changes made here won't affect the base description indicated on the transfer section.

Payment Options:
- Select the type of payment the guest can choose from: credit card and/or bank transfer. Offering multiple payment options enhances flexibility for guests.

Assigning to Travel Route (Optional):
- If desired, select "Add the entries for this payment to the attendee's travel route" to assign the route to the guest. This helps organize and track the guest's travel itinerary.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage payments for transfer services, provide guests with customizable options, and ensure a seamless booking experience.

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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