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How to create a payment link

Introduction to Parcy Payments:
Parcy offers a comprehensive payment management system designed to streamline the process of collecting payments for travel services. Whether you're organizing a trip, booking accommodations, arranging transfers, or providing other dedicated services, Parcy's payment feature has got you covered.

Managing Payments with Links:
The cornerstone of Parcy's payment system is the creation of links. These links serve as convenient portals through which customers can make payments for the services they've booked. Let's explore the different ways you can generate these links:

1. Registration Form Following a Reservation:
One way to generate payment links is automatically through a registration form that follows a reservation. This means that once a customer makes a booking for a trip, hotel, or any other service through Parcy, a corresponding payment link is generated and provided to them. This seamless integration ensures that customers can complete their payments hassle-free, immediately after confirming their reservation.

2. Manual Assignment from the Backend:
Alternatively, you can manually assign payment links from the backend for each individual guest. This gives you greater control and flexibility, allowing you to tailor the payment process according to your specific needs. Whether it's customizing payment amounts, setting up payment schedules, or accommodating special requests, manual assignment empowers you to manage payments with precision.

How to Generate Payment Links:
Now, let's walk through the steps of generating payment links using both methods:

For Registration Form Following a Reservation:
After a customer makes a reservation through Parcy, navigate to the payment management section.
Select the option to automatically generate payment links following reservations.
Parcy will automatically create a unique payment link for each booking, which you can then provide to the respective customers via email or other communication channels.

For Manual Assignment from the Backend:
Access the backend interface of Parcy where you manage bookings and payments.
Identify the booking for which you need to generate a payment link.
Manually create a payment link for the specific booking, specifying the amount, due date, and any other relevant details.
Share the payment link with the respective customer, ensuring they have all the information they need to complete the transaction.
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Updated on: 02/05/2024

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