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How to assign Payment Links via Backend for Each Individual Guest

Manual Assignment of Payment Links via Backend for Each Individual Guest

Managing payments manually via the backend in Parcy offers you granular control over assigning payment links to individual guests. Let's walk through the step-by-step process:

1. Accessing Payment Assignment:
- To begin, navigate to the backend interface of Parcy.
- Click on the cart icon to access payment management features.
- Select "Payments History" and then click on "Add Payment Link".

2. Guest Selection and Service Type:
- Choose the guest to whom you want to assign the payment link. This could be the main guest or an extra guest if applicable.
- Next, select the type of service for which you're generating the payment link from the "Item Type" menu. Options include:
- Room Accommodation
- Travel
- Transfer
- Other
- Fee (Total)

3. Service Specifics:
- Depending on the service type chosen, there are specific considerations:
- For "Travel" and "Room Accommodation" types, you can only select from resources created in the "Travel & Hospitality" section.
- For "Transfer" and "Other" types, you can select from existing resources or create new ones in the "Travel & Hospitality" section.

4. Enabling Credit Card Payment Option:
- If you want to enable credit card payments, you need to integrate either Stripe or Viva Wallet:
- For Stripe:
- Navigate to "Payments" in the main menu.
- Select "Settings" and then "Enable Stripe".
- Choose "Production" as the environment.
- Enter the required API Key in the designated field.
- For Viva Payments:
- Similarly, navigate to "Payments" in the main menu.
- Select "Settings" and then "Enable Viva Payments".
- Choose "Production" as the environment.
- Enter the Viva Merchant ID and the required API Key.

With Parcy's manual payment assignment feature, you have the flexibility to tailor payment links for each guest and service type, ensuring a seamless and personalized payment experience. By integrating Stripe or Viva Wallet, you can further enhance payment options, providing convenience and security to both you and your guests.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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