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How to Set Up File Exports

Welcome to the Export Model Builder section! Here, you have the power to tailor your export models for each list exactly how you want them.

Navigate to your desired list and find the dropdown menu labeled "Options". Within this menu, select "Export Model Builder".

Create a New Export Set
Click on "Create New Export Set" to kickstart the process of crafting your personalized export model.
Export Model Name: Let's give your model a name!
Choose Attendee Types: Decide which attendees you want to include in your export. Will it be everyone, just the main guests, or perhaps only the extra guests?

Select Registration Status: Piick the registration statuses of the attendees you wish to export. Are you interested in everyone, those still waiting, or maybe only those who have already checked in?

Pick Export Fields: Here's where you get to fine-tune your export even further. Select the specific fields you want to include in your export. Whether it's travel details, accommodation preferences, or payment statuses.

Save your export model

Head over to the "Manage Export Sets" menu. Here, you can:
Rename your export fields for clarity.
Reorder the fields to suit your preferences.
Remove any fields that you no longer need.

And there you have it! You're all set to export your files exactly as you need them.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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