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How to Export an Attendee List

In the Export section, you have the flexibility to export reports by selecting specific parameters. Let's delve into the details.

Firstly, navigate to the Options dropdown menu and select Export.

Next, choose the desired export type from the "Select an Export Type" dropdown menu. Here are your options:
Whole list: This is like taking everything, all your data, and exporting it as is. Imagine you've got this big list with lots of info, and you just want to export it exactly as it is.
Whole list by filters (sheets): Now, if you've applied some filters to your list, like maybe you only want to see certain types of data, this option will export your list but neatly split it into different sheets based on those filters. It keeps things organized.
List by single filters: This one's for the detail-oriented folks. If you've got a bunch of different filters applied, and you want separate reports for each filter, this option will do just that. So, if you're tracking different categories and want separate reports for each one, this is your go-to.
Streaming Page Accesses: Say you're tracking who's been accessing your streaming service or content. This option lets you export a list specifically for those guests who've been checking out your streams.
Attendees with Assigned Route: If you're managing an event or something similar and you've assigned specific routes to attendees, this export option will give you a list of those attendees along with their assigned routes.
Routes by sheets: Similar to the previous option, but here, it'll organize your guests into different sheets based on the routes you've assigned them. Makes it easier to manage and track everyone's routes separately.
Travel List: This one's handy if you're dealing with guests who have travel arrangements. It'll export a list of guests along with their assigned travel details.
Transfer list: Similar to the travel list, but for guests who have assigned transfers arranged. So, if you're coordinating transportation for people, this export option will give you all the details you need.
Rooming list: If you're managing accommodations for your guests, this option will export a list of guests along with their assigned rooms.
Custom: And finally, if none of the above fit your needs exactly, you can go custom. This option lets you build your own report using something called
Export Model Builder. Basically, you get to tailor the export to exactly what you want.

Moving on, select the desired registration status of guests to export from the "Status" dropdown menu:
Whole: This includes everyone, regardless of their registration status. You want the full list? This is your pick.
Waiting: These are the eager beavers who've signed up but are still waiting for confirmation or further action.
Pending: Guests who've started the registration process but haven't completed it yet fall into this category.
Attending: These are the confirmed attendees who'll be showing up at your event or whatever occasion you're organizing.
Check-in: Guests who've already checked in, marking their presence at your event or location.
Check-out: Conversely, these are guests who've checked out, perhaps from a hotel or similar arrangement.
Not attending: Unfortunately, some guests won't be able to make it. This category covers those who've indicated they won't be attending.

Now, moving on to the "Attendees type to export" dropdown menu. Here, you get to specify the type of attendees you want to include in your export:
Main + extra guest: If you're interested in both the main attendees and any additional guests they might be bringing along, this option's got you covered.
Main: Maybe you're only interested in the primary attendees, the main folks on your guest list.
Extra guest: On the flip side, if you're focusing solely on the additional guests accompanying the main attendees, this is the option for you.

With these options, you can efficiently export reports tailored to your specific needs.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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