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How to Add an Attendee Filter

With Parcy, you can add a custom attendee filter to see how many attendees answered your custom field questions. In this article, you can learn the simple steps to engage with attendees so that you can send targeted email campaigns to those who are not registered yet.

Add an Attendee Filter

To start, select the event in which you will be adding your attendee filter. Once inside your event, select "Attendees" to go to the list you want to add your filter to. Click on the green button "Filters" on the top right-hand side of the screen where a pop-up appears asking to "+ new filter", click on that.

Once there, you begin to fill out the fields shown below. Tip: if you have not yet created a custom field, it will not show up. If unsure how to do that, check out this article! For this example, we will use the company department custom field for attendees who are attending only as shown below.

After you have finished filling out the fields, click "Create New Filter" where it will then be added to your Filters.

Select a Filter for your Email Campaign

After you have created your filter, you can send an email campaign to that specific filter you created. A common example used is sending an email campaign to attendees who have not registered and need to be reminded.

Begin by selecting "Email Campaigns" and select "Campaigns" to create a new campaign. Click on "+ New Campaign" to add your new campaign. Start filling out the information for your campaign and select "Custom Filter" and select your filter for this campaign.

After everything is filled out, click on "Create Email Campaign" to begin your campaign. You now know how to add a custom filter and create an email campaign using that filter. 🚀

Updated on: 22/05/2022

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