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Create and manage attendees lists with Parcy.

Parcy allows you to create and manage attendees' lists in the easiest way possible.

Once you've created an event, you are ready to upload your first attendees' list.

Click on the event where you want to add your attendee's list or create a new event with the "Add New Event" button.

Once you are in the event's dashboard, click on "ATTENDEES" on the left menu, and then click on "create a list."

Fill the form in the pop-up with the list name, select the event date, and set up a registration limit.

Click on "Create New List." You can edit all your choices later in the event settings.

Your list is now ready, manage fields by clicking on "Manage fields."

You can add as many fields as you wish. Click "Add field", then choose the type of field you prefer. After that click, "Save field".

The set-up is completed, but the list is still empty!

You can add your attendees by uploading a CSV file under "Actions", or one by one clicking on "Add Attendee".

Drag and drop the CSV file or click on "Choose file" to browse on your computer.

Once the upload is completed, you can assign the columns in order to match the columns of your CSV file.

You can now confirm the column values and click on "Start Import."

Once your list has been uploaded, you can always add attendees, manage columns following the same process.

Your list is ready!

Have fun working with your attendees, and don't forget to engage them with personalized emails! :)

Updated on: 22/05/2022

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