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How to Duplicate an Attendee List

With Parcy, you can duplicate your attendee list so that you can easily replicate the list structure such as the fields without having to remake them. In this article, you will learn how to duplicate your attendee list with a couple of simple steps.

To start, when you are on the main event dashboard, click "Attendees" where you are then redirected to your attendee section.

Once inside the Attendee section, click the three buttons within your list and choose "Duplicate List". Note: Duplicating the list does not copy attendees' information, but it does duplicate the list structure itself such as the fields.

Once duplicated, you can go within the copy and see how the structure is the same. Now you can begin to add attendees to your new duplicated list.

You are now knowledgeable of how to duplicate your attendee lists. 🤗

Updated on: 22/05/2022

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