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Zapier Integration

With Parcy, you can integrate with your CRM in a matter of minutes. In this article, you will learn the steps of integrating your CRM.

To start, go inside of your event and select the lightning bolt icon on the left-hand side of your screen.

Click on the icon, and it will redirect you to the Integration page. Here is where you will connect Parcy with any of the 4,000+ CRMs that you want.

Let's use Google Sheets as an example. Select Google Sheets and a button appears asking you if you want to create your own workflow with Parcy + Google Sheets.

Click on it. You are redirected to Zapier's page where you will connect Parcy + Google Sheets.

Click Connect Parcy + Google Sheets. Name your Zap, select your Parcy account and click continue.

After that, find your event and attendee list that you want to match your trigger with then hit continue.

Once you hit continue, you are asked to test your trigger. Select "Test Trigger".

The trigger then notifies you that it has found an attendee. Select continue.

Select the Action you want to choose. In this case, I want the Action to create a new spreadsheet row every time an attendee is added in Parcy.

Select the Google Sheet account.

Begin to fill in the fields to match the Excel fields. Click 'Continue' when finished.

You are then asked to Test & Review or Test & Continue. Select Test & Review and go look inside your Google Sheets to review the zap.

As shown, Zapier automatically added the attendee it found in the Excel Sheet.

Go back to your Zapier account and select Turn on Zap to have Zapier automatically create a new spreadsheet row when a Parcy attendee is added from your event.

Woohoo! Your zap is now on and you can enjoy the easy, automative process. 🥳

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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