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Optimizing & customizing media, colors, fonts, and video for Parcy

Parcy gives you the tools to customize your event pages to fit your branding and layout preferences. In this article we’ll discuss technical details related to uploading image files, defining colors, using fonts, and embedding videos in the Parcy platform.

Image Files

With Parcy you can upload images to create a customized experience for your attendees. Whether you are using photos for logos, mood, products, or speakers, keep the image size no larger than the pixel width of your event page. File size should not exceed 1MB.

To identify your page pixel width, go into the Event Page editor and select “Body” from the right hand side menu.

In this section, “Content Width” shows you the current settings for the pixel width of your event page. You can change this width to fit your preferences. Most pages perform best when they are between 600 - 1000 pixels wide.

The pixel width of images that you upload should not exceed the pixel width of your event page.

Before uploading images for multiple speakers, format the images to uniform pixel dimensions for width and height. This will ensure that the images display evenly in the page editor and in your published event pages.


You can select your own custom colors for content blocks on your event pages. With the color selection tool you can define colors using simple color presets, Hex code, RGBA, or a spectrum slider.


Parcy uses Google fonts to ensure maximum compatibility across attendee browsers. The text editor tool allows you to choose a font for any text you select.

If your preferred Google font is not installed in the dropdown, contact your Parcy rep to submit a font request. Most font requests can be fulfilled within 48 hours.

If you use an Adobe font or other proprietary font, you can upload an image file of your text in your custom font. Alternatively, you can search for fonts that are similar to your custom font. Due to the intellectual property characteristics of font art, it is not currently possible to find an exact match for proprietary fonts within Google fonts, but most popular fonts have a Google option that is reasonably similar.

Pre-recorded video

You can embed pre-recorded video files into your event pages for self-service consumption or for events that do not require a live stream. Parcy does not host video files, but videos hosted on popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo can be embedded into the Parcy page.

To embed video, go to your event page editor and drag and drop the bottom left “video” content button into your event page.

Once your “video” object is placed on the event page, click on it to open the video settings.

You will see this menu open on the right hand side:

Here you can enter the iframe video embedding code from your hosting provider. Each hosting provider has its own way of providing this, please contact them directly for support if you are unsure how to find this.

We recommend changing the “width” value of your embed code to say “100%” instead of a width numeric value. This makes is easier to manage the layout and placement of the video object on your event page.

The quality & resolution of the video stream is determined by your hosting provider.


In summary, here are best practices for managing the creative content of your event pages in Parcy.

Make sure image files are not too big, usually no larger than 800px. Pixel resolution should not exceed the page resolution of your event page. File size should not exceed 1MB.

Colors are fully customizable using Hex Code, RGBA, manual spectrum slider, and simple default selections.

Parcy uses Google fonts. If you use custom fonts, search for a comparable google font. If it’s not already available in Parcy, ask your rep to add it.

Pre-recorded videos need to be hosted by an external provider. Your provider can give you a code to embed the video into a Parcy event page.

Updated on: 22/05/2022

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