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General View of Travel & Hospitality in Parcy: Managing Travel Plans

Travel & Hospitality is a feature set in Parcy, specifically designed for managing travel plans with various resources like planes, trains, transfers, hotels, and rooms.

Key Features of Travel & Hospitality

With Travel & Hospitality, you can:

Assign travel plans to your guests
Customize each guest's travel experience effortlessly
Manage travel or hotel room allotments
Monitor booking numbers and prevent overbooking
Integrate advanced travel booking functionalities into your registration forms
Send mass email campaigns containing personalized travel plans for every guest
Handle and collect payments for trips directly from the registration form or backend through attendee lists
Manage and distribute air or train tickets

Creating Travel Plans
To start, create a travel plan linked to one of your attendee lists. Keep in mind that you can only link a travel plan to a single list, so you cannot assign the same travel plan to multiple lists. If necessary, you can duplicate an individual travel plan and associate it with another list to manage travel plans across more than one attendee list.

Components of a Travel Plan
A travel plan comprises routes, which in turn consist of various travel or accommodation-type resources.

When you've linked a travel plan to a list, new tools for managing travel and assigning travel routes to attendees will become available within that list.

Travel and Accommodation Resources
Parcy provides two types of resources that can be combined within travel routes:
Travel resources
Accommodation resources

Managing Resources
To create or modify resources, follow these steps:

Create or modify Travel resources
Create or modify Accommodation-type resources
Manage rooms within the accommodation resource
Create a Travel Route

By using Parcy's Travel & Hospitality features, you can efficiently manage travel plans and accommodations for your guests, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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