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Creating and Managing Accommodation Resources

In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating and managing accommodation resources for your event attendees. By following these steps, you will be able to add new accommodations, manage room options, and provide a seamless booking experience for your guests.

Creating a New Accommodation:

Navigate to the Travel & Hospitality section and click on "Accommodations" in the secondary menu.

On the Accommodations page, click on "**Add new Accommodation"** to create a new resource.

Fill out the fields in the modal, with some being mandatory:

Name: Enter the name of your accommodation. This will be visible in the registration form and booking summary email. You can use this field to indicate the hotel name, for example.
Accommodation Type: Choose the type of property, such as Hotel or B&B.
Location: Provide the location of the accommodation.
Address, Phone, and Website: Enter additional information to share with your attendees. These fields are optional.
Default Check-In and Check-Out: Set the default IN and OUT dates for your guests. These dates can be overridden when creating a Route, allowing you to create specific travel routes for certain attendees using the same accommodation resource.

Adding a Room:
Adding a new accommodation resource requires at least one room. You can easily add one or more rooms at this stage and manage them later.

To add a room, you need to provide:

Room Type: Specify the room type, such as Single, Double, or Triple. This information will also be visible in the registration form and booking summary email.
Units: Enter the number of rooms available for this particular type. The system will keep track of the allocations and disable the selection of a travel route containing the exhausted resource in the registration form. However, you can still assign resources in overbooking from the attendee list.
Allow Overbooking: Optionally, you can enable overbooking for this specific room by checking the "Allow Overbooking" checkbox. If this option is active, the system will ignore the maximum availability and still allow registration.
Sleeps: Provide the number of beds in the room.
Rooms can be shared among multiple attendees simultaneously, allowing you to allocate a single room to multiple guests.

Managing Rooms:
Once the Accommodation resource is created, you can manage the rooms associated with it. You can:

Add new rooms
Delete existing rooms
Duplicate one or more rooms

Each Accommodation resource must have at least one room, and at least one of these rooms must be set as the default room.

The default room is always assigned to the attendee if they do not make a room selection during registration or if you do not want to manage the direct room assignment on the backend.

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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