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Creating or Editing Travel Resources

Access the Travel & Hospitality page from the sidebar menu of your event. From the Travel menu, click on "Add new Travel."

Fill in the fields in the modal, some of which are mandatory:

Name: This is the name of your travel resource. This field may also be visible in the registration form and in the booking summary email.

Travel Type: Choose from the options: Flight, Train, Coach, Car Transfer, Own Vehicle. Own Vehicle can be used in cases where the attendee travels to the event location independently.

Description: Use this field to add a descriptive text with more information about the trip (e.g., baggage info, schedules, or arrival information at the airport or station).

Operator: The company providing the travel service (e.g., airline or train company). This field is optional.

Service Number: The flight or train number. This field is optional.

From and To: Indicate the departure and arrival points here.

Departure and Arrival Dates and Times: Indicate the departure and arrival dates and times here. The Arrival Date field becomes active once the Departure Date is selected.

Units: If you have a limited number of allotments for a trip, you can specify the maximum availability for each travel resource here. Parcy will take into account the assignments made and can disable the choice of a travel route containing the exhausted resource in the registration form. However, it will still be possible to assign resources in overbooking from the attendee list.

You can choose to allow overbooking by checking the "**Allow Overbooking**" checkbox. If this option is active, the system will ignore the maximum availabilities indicated and still allow registration.

Internal Cost and Selling Price: If you need to manage the sale of resources or internal costs, you can indicate your purchase cost and resale price for the travel resource here. The Selling Price field must be filled in if you want to use our Stripe integration to resell the travel route directly during registration.
The basic costs of a single travel resource can be overridden when creating the Travel Route. This will give you more freedom in creating individual routes for each guest.

Internal Notes: A field for internal use where you can write notes about the individual resource.

Once the resource is created, it can be edited, duplicated, and deleted.

What happens if I edit a travel resource already associated with a route?
All changes made to the travel resource will automatically be reflected in any route that uses this resource. Attendees who have already been assigned the route will also see the changes automatically applied.

What happens if I delete a travel resource associated with a route?
If the travel resource is deleted, the change will also be applied to all routes containing the deleted travel resource. If the Travel Route containing the deleted resource has already been assigned to one or more attendees, the change will also apply to them.

How can I check which attendees have been assigned a single Travel resource?
You can check the assignments for each travel resource by clicking on the "Assigned" button on each resource row. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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