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How to send a Test Email

Sending a test email is an essential step in ensuring your email template is correctly set up before sending it to your attendee. Follow these steps to send a test email using Parcy's platform:
Access Your Template: Open the email template you wish to test.
Click on 'Send Test': Locate and click the 'Send Test' button within your template editor.

Steps to Send a Test Email
Enter the Subject: You can simply use "TEST" or the actual subject line that your guests will see.
Specify the Email Address: Input the email address where you want to send the test email.
You have two options for sending the test email:
Template Only: This option sends the template without any specific attendee details. It's useful for general emails such as save-the-date notifications or invitations where the recipient's information isn't required.

Template with Attendee Info: This option sends the email as if you were an attendee, including specific attendee details. You can choose from your uploaded guest lists.

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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