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How to create a new event on Parcy

Step 1: Click 'Add New Event' Button

Log into your Parcy account and locate the "Add new event" button on the dashboard. Click this button to initiate event creation.

Step 2: Provide Event Details

Event Name: Enter a unique and descriptive name for your event.
Public URL: Customize the final part of your event's public URL.
Email Sender: Select a sender for bulk email dispatch or use the default Parcy sender.
Event Format: Choose between in-person, hybrid, or virtual formats.
Schedule: Input start and end date and time or select "TBD" to update later.
Venue Details: Enter the event venue's name and address, if available.

Step 3: Finalize and Create Event

After providing all necessary details, click the "Add Event" button. Parcy will process the information and set up your event, allowing you to access its powerful management features.

🌟 Did you know? You can easily incorporate your event information into email and page templates using generic Tags! This feature allows you to effortlessly update and display event details across all your communications, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Simply make changes in your event settings, and the generic Tags will automatically update the information everywhere it appears. Save time and keep everything in sync with this powerful feature! 🌟

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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