Parcy gives you the best tools to create an incredible registration page along with a registration form. In this article, you will learn how to edit the registration page layout/registration form layout and all the various tools that go along with it. You will also learn how to coordinate the registration page with the registration form.

Registration Page

The registration page is the landing page your attendees will receive informing them of your event’s agenda, speakers, social links, and the most important part, the registration button.

To begin, start on your main event dashboard and choose the event you are wanting to do the registration process with.

While inside your event, click on “Event Pages” where you will be redirected to your event pages section.

Click “Edit Layout” to jump into your registration page. Once inside the registration page, you can see all the various drag and drop features such as columns, buttons image, social, speaker, video, RSVP button, and NOT RSVP button.

(For this example, our registration page is already pre-built)

For this particular article, the main focus is going to be on the RSVP button and the NOT RSVP.

The RSVP button is the button attendee’s click on to be directed to the registration form.

The NOT RSVP button is the button attendee’s click on if they are not able to join the event.

After you drag and drop both buttons to your registration page, make sure and always click "Save".

Registration Form

The registration form is the what your attendee's will fill out to register for your event such as first name, last name, email, or any other field you want on the form.

Go back to your event pages section, and click "Registration Form" to edit this section.

Once inside the "Registration Form", you can create the look of your form style by adding a background color, header image, and choosing colors for your labels.

Scroll down to find the "Privacy and Custom Terms" section. Here you can decide if you want to show the terms and privacy into a scrollable text box on the registration form.

Scroll down to find the "Confirmation Messages" section. Here you can add a custom message for both attendee's who can attend the event and attendee's who cannot join the event.

Scroll down to find the "Confirmation Email" section. Here you can send out an automated email after your attendee's register. Tip: A highly effective strategy is to send your attendee's a thank you/event link email so your attendee's know the event link.

After you finalize a few things of how you want your registration form to look, make sure to click the green button at the bottom of your page that says, "Save".

You have now completed the process of setting up your registration page and form. Don't forget to preview your work as an attendee to see if you need to tweak anything! 😌

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