Parcy gives you the freedom to integrate your existing favorite conferencing tool onto our platform. In this article, you'll learn how to use Zoom directly into Parcy, to take your Virtual events to the next level.

Event set up.

The first thing is to create a new event on Parcy; you can find here a guide to learn how to host a virtual event on Parcy.

Once the event is completed, you have to follow a few steps in order to use Zoom with Parcy.

From the event's dashboard, click on "Live Streaming" on the menu on the left of your screen.

Click on "Add Streaming Session" in order to generate a pop-up, where you choose "RTMP/Zoom" and insert a session name. After that is finalized, click "Create Session".

Here you will find three unique stream settings that need to be inserted into your Zoom account. Keep your Parcy account open because you will use these keys later.

Open your Zoom account and go to your home page. Click "New Meeting" in your Zoom account to start the process.

Once that is set up and you are in your meeting, click "More". This leads you to "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service", click that option.

A pop-up form appears asking for the 3 stream settings. Copy and paste the Parcy stream settings into the Zoom pop-up to complete the set-up.

Your Zoom webinar is now ready to run on your event page! 😎

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