With Parcy you can set up a new event in one minute.

To start the configuration, the first step is to click on "Add New Event" on the right of your screen and follow the instructions provided by the "Event Configurator".


The Event Configurator is a unique feature that helps you with the setup of your events; saving you hours of work.

Step 1

Insert the name of your event and select the event type: In-person, Virtual, or Hybrid.

This selection allows you to activate some exclusive features designed for Hybrid or Virtual events only, such as the live-streaming tool.

A bar on the top of the screen will always indicate how far you are from the end of the configuration.

Step 2

With Parcy, you can manage single-day events or multi-date events.

Parcy automatically creates the first date of your event. Assigning a name to the date and insert the hour and the day.

You can also assign a budget to the event or simply leave the field blank if you don't have any budget allocated.

To add another date, click on "Add New Date" and follow the same process for every date you want to add to the event.

Please note:

Everything you select during the configuration can be edited once the event is created.

Step 3

Select a customizable theme for your registration page. You can then freely edit the registration page after the event is created using Parcy's advanced editing tools.

Step 4

Parcy gives you the freedom to use your current streaming, conferencing software, or to use our proprietary service.

Select "Parcy Live" if you want to use our streaming tools, select "RTMP/Zoom" to embed a third-party tool, or to connect your Zoom account.

Step 5

If you need to invite your attendees, select all the emails you need to create. For each option selected, Parcy will create a template that you can personalize and send to your attendees.

Step 6

With Parcy you can easily collaborate with your team.

This section allows you to add members of your team to collaborate to the event.

You can change the permissions levels for each Member into the "Team Member settings".

Please note:

Team members appear only if you have invited them before on the platform under the section, "Team".

Final Step

Click on the "Create Event" button to complete the configuration and start working on your new event.

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