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How to enable your domain to send email campaigns with Parcy

With Parcy you can send email campaigns using one or more of your email domains.

To activate this functionality, it is necessary to insert some CNAME parameters in your domain's DNS configuration.

Here's how to do it:

Sign in with your account and click on the settings button

Click on Domain Authentication and then on the "Add New Domain" button.

Insert your domain name, in the format:

Please note: Do not include www, http://www, or https:// in this field.

Your domain must match the domain of your FROM email address.

For example, if you want to send an email from, you have to set your authentication domain as "".

Click on the "eye" icon to see the CNAMEs.

Once you've added your domain, Parcy generates three custom CNAME parameters that you need to insert in the domain DNS panel (contact your server/hosting provider if you don't know where to find your DNS panel).

After you insert the CNAME in your domain DNS panel, click on the "Verify" icon to check if everything is working correctly.

Once your domain has been authorized successfully, the status will show "Verified" in green.

**Add a New Sender Identity**

After you've added a domain to Parcy, you can create a sender identity.

Go to "sender identity" in the menu on your Settings page.

Click on the "**Add New Sender Identity**" button.

Select the domain in which you want to add the sender identity.

Fill all the areas of the form.

Please note: You're required to include your contact information, including a physical mailing address, inside every promotional email you send to comply with anti-spam laws such as CAN-SPAM and CASL. You'll find replacement tags for this information in the footer of all the email templates Parcy provides._

Click on the "Add identity" button to complete the procedure.

**You made it!**

Now you can add a sender identity to your event and your first invitation email!

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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